getting 0 notes on one of your posts that you personally thought was clever/funny


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Anonymous asked: i bet you dont have the courage to put yourself nude on tumblr and express your real freedom. miss nature fills the void.

I’m naked all of the time, whenever I choose to be. That does not mean I need to justify my freedom by posting nudes so guys can look at my boobs on a website. I am very in touch with nature but I feel it’s very personal everyone connects with their surroundings in their own way. Mine doesn’t include having my naked body all over tumblr. I’d rather go take my shirt off in the woods away from everyone else to truly connect without the distractions. I have no problem what so ever with nudity I find it beautiful. I just don’t post them. Deal with it. This also doesn’t mean that I’m self conscious or concerned of negativity from others. I just choose who sees me and where I feel like taking my clothes off which happens to never be a social media site.